• How B2B Companies Can Excel in Our New Economy

    How B2B Companies Can Excel in Our New Economy

    It’s been an interesting year or so. B2B companies have had to constantly update and reassess their marketing and sales strategies. But if I hear the word PIVOT one more time, I’m gonna lose it. Now that the CDC has announced people who are vaccinated can forego wearing a mask in public, there is this ...

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  • Silent Surfers Squash Your Sales Funnel

    Silent Surfers Squash Your Sales Funnel

    Warning:  This blog may make sales managers nervous, and potential buyers smile and nod.  Remember “back in the day” when sales representatives could estimate their future sales through a pipeline? Our marketing efforts pulled leads into the top of the funnel, and our sales team closely guided those leads through the funnel to a sale. ...

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  • How Do PPC and SEO Work Together?

    SEO and PPC: A Match Made in Heaven? I was on the phone with a prospective SEO client who specialize in compressed air technology, and one of the questions they had was why were we the only SEO agency to add PPC into the mix? That is a very valid question, not least as both ...

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  • What To Expect Inside a Marketing Automation Platform

    The Essential Components of a Marketing Automation Solution by Karl Hindle Marketing Automation is one of the big marketing buzzwords, especially over the last couple of years as platforms emerge targeting SMBs. We need to escape the hype and focus on just what this technology can do to fuel our efforts to achieve business goals. ...

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