Google Search Ads

Using a strategic approach, a variety of tools, and years of experience, our PPC experts will help your business reach and exceed its online marketing goals. We will make sure that your digital ad spend delivers maximum ROI while reducing wasted spend.

Why You Need It:

Ensure Your Business is Visible to Your Target Audience

What You’ll Get:

Increased Brand Awareness, More Customers, Competitor Clarity, and a Higher Conversion Rate

What We’ll Do:

Create and Manage Effective Google Search Ads Campaigns that Generate ROI

What They Say:

“Highly recommended. They are true experts in their fields of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Marketing Automation.”. ~Andrew Donahue, President,  Donahue Tax

Why You Need Google Search Ads

Google Search Advertising is full of potential. Businesses can target specific audiences, eliminating wasted spend while increasing conversion opportunities. The better the targeting, the more leads, and sales you get. Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, Google’s marketing platform has opportunities for you. Google Search Ads can be incredibly profitable for both e-commerce sales and high-quality leads. 

If you feel you are missing users who interact well with your brand, or if you feel you are losing to your competitors and your website is doing poorly in the organic listings, then PPC Marketing is the next step for stronger and increased ROI. 

All the online channels work together. Even if your website has strong SEO and gets most of its traffic from organic search, there is still a potential for growth using Google PPC to target the keywords you do not rank for. 

You determine the objectives for your campaign. Do you need better brand representation? Google Search Ads can help you target the top ‘Impression Share’ of users to outbid your competitors. Or are you solely focused on your Return of Ad Spend (ROAS)? Google has bid strategies that ensure you will make a profit from online sales when set up correctly. 

When done right, a Google Search Ads Marketing strategy can be your golden ticket for your business’ online growth and profitability. Plus, Google competes very well on cost when compared to programmatic or billboard advertising. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad. All PPC efforts should generate a good ROI for your business. 

What You’ll Get

  • Full Analysis of Your Website and Campaign Landing Pages
  • Tailored Plans Aligned to Your Business Goals
  • A Google PPC Marketing Strategy Tailored to Your Needs 
  • Properly Configured and Optimized Google Ads Campaigns 
  • Budget Management & Optimization Monitoring of Campaigns
  • Consistent Conversion Analysis 
  • Business Insights from Google Ads Reports
  • A Real-Time Look at Your Competition

What We’ll Do

Analysis: We will do a deep dive into your website, audit your landing page, and align it with Google’s best practices to see where your potential growth lies.

Tailored Plans: Based on your business goals and our analysis, we will customize a PPC marketing plan to achieve those goals.

Google Search Ads Strategy: We will translate the business goals into a Google Search Ads Marketing Strategy using all tools available on the Google Ads platform and the years of experience we have achieving success with PPC campaigns.

Google Setup: We will create PPC campaigns to target new and existing users to achieve your business goals.

Management: Daily budget checking and campaign optimizations ensure all active campaigns in the account are performing well and in line with the daily spending and conversion achievement.

Conversion Analysis: We will assess and monitor how your users interact with your website. We can identify the pain points with your campaigns and landing pages and adapt them correspondingly.

Reports: We will provide regular in-depth Google Search Ads reports showing your auction insights competition, conversion cost, and overall performance. Our reports will come in a simple and user-friendly format.