Google Display Ads

We offer a full and comprehensive Google Display advertising setup and management to help grow your business's brand awareness and online reach by using Google's Display Network.

Why You Need It:

To Reach Millions of Users Online Every Month

What You’ll Get:

Targeted and High-Quality Visitors to Your Website

What We’ll Do:

Create a Full Google Display Ad Network Strategy and Setup

What They Say:

“Wellspring is a breath of fresh air after years of working with other digital marketing firms. Their approach produces leads - so many that our sales team can't keep up.” ~Doug Miller, CEO/CTO, Brightworks Group

Why You Need Google Display Ads

An effective Google Search setup is a great place to start your online marketing. However, have you heard of the Google Display Network? Did you know that Google also allows advertisers to place ads across their entire Display network, including but not limited to Gmail and YouTube? 

There are millions of websites, Google-owned properties, and Partners where you can advertise your business using engaging visuals and text. These ads serve as ‘awareness’ ads where you can target users higher up the funnel to spread awareness of your brand. This is a cost-effective way to market your brand to users at the start of their conversion journey with you. 

With the right targeting, you can also remarket yourself to users who have previously visited your website and either not converted or converted with you a long time ago. Subtly advertising your brand to remind users of your presence can help achieve conversions with users lower down the funnel who already have some level of brand awareness.   

Another important benefit of advertising on the Display Network is that these ads typically have low cost-per-click. This is due to the nature of the targeting. The more relevant and accurate your targeting is measured by Google, the cheaper your CPC will be. Furthermore, just like with Search, you only pay once a user clicks on your ad. Therefore, this is a highly effective and cost-effective way to market yourself to either new or existing customers. 

Display ads are a very effective way to harness the vast online space and reach millions of users. Furthermore, e-commerce companies can benefit from Dynamic Retargeting, which allows you to reach out directly to your cart-abandoners – and give those who left your website before making a purchase a chance to reconsider. 

What You’ll Get

  • Full Analysis of Your Website Users
  • Tailored Plans to Target Desired Audiences
  • A Google Display Strategy
  • A Full Setup of the Google Display Campaign(s) 
  • Budget Management & Campaign Optimization
  • Consistent Audience and Ad Interaction Analysis
  • Tweaks in Targeting Depending on Performance

What We’ll Do

Analysis: We will analyze your website users and audience ‘groups’ to outline the achievable KPIs with strategic targeting.

Tailored Plans: Based on your website users and the audience segments available, we will tailor plans to target relevant audience groups to achieve your goals.

Google Search Display Strategy: We will translate the audience’ plan’ into an effective Google Display Network strategy in-line with your marketing goals.

Google Display Setup: We will create Display Campaigns with the on-brand ad creatives that will be in line with Google specifications for top-performance quality. 

Campaign Management: Daily budget monitoring and Display campaign optimizations for audience segments and targeting. 

Interaction Analysis: We will assess and monitor how your users interact with the Display Ads by looking at your Click Through Rate measured by the number of Clicks compared to Impressions. This will help us identify the relevance of the ads to the users who see them and adapt the targeting as necessary.Reports: We will provide regular in-depth Google Display reports showing the websites and partners where your ads were shown. To determine performance, you will get insights into other metrics such as your Click-Through-Rate, your Conversion Rate, and your average CPC.