Case Studies


Here are some testimonials from a few of our happy clients…

“I have worked with Jon-Mikel Bailey on various projects since 2004. Working with Jon again with Wellspring Digital and his technical team was another wonderful experience of immense professionalism and excellent technical expertise! Sammye, the Project Manager, has a vast range of knowledge and took the time not only to develop and implement a great design but also took the time to collaborate with her technical team to develop a website that uses the latest technologies.

Wellspring Digital Team worked very well together to ensure my goals were being met every step of the way, from theme selection to form configuration through content, testing, and finally to launch. I highly recommend Wellspring Digital for any of your marketing campaign needs, whether it is to enhance your current marketing strategy or set you up for success for a new business launch.

I am looking forward to working with them again soon!”

Sharon Marsh, Director, Marketing & Business Communications, DZYNE Technologies

“I have only been working with Wellspring for a short period of time and I can already tell that they are leaps and bounds above any other digital marketing firm I have worked with. As a small business owner, it has been incredibly difficult to navigate the world of digital marketing because there is so much you don’t “see”. I find it really comes down to trust and transparency and I can confidently say that Wellspring embodies those two things. We have already seen incredible results and I know we will continue to see them working with the Wellspring team.”

Sarah Hurwitz Robey, Owner, Colonial Jewelers

“Wellspring Digital’s Virtual CMO feature is unique and one that’s proven helpful to us. As a small company that works leanly, it’s great to have this as a resource to tap into for an extra layer of insight and advice. Everyone at Wellspring is smart, candid, and collaborative, and we’re able to have high-level discussions that help support our company’s goals.”

Amy Rafael, Vice President of Marketing, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership

“Wellspring is a breath of fresh air after years of working with other digital marketing firms. Their approach produces leads – so many that our sales team can’t keep up. We were told by an email marketing firm that email campaigns didn’t work in our industry. Wellspring proved them wrong with a campaign that dramatically exceeded our engagement expectations. Most importantly, Wellspring is transparent, honest, and dedicated to always improving. The relationship is a true partnership.”

Doug Miller, CEO/CTO, Brightworks Group

“We are in the business of creating thoughtful and exciting technical solutions that help our clients share their voice and vision. The folks at Wellspring have been successfully assisting us with getting our message out through our electronic marketing efforts on a number of platforms. We’ve experienced a measurable increase in both the number and quality of opportunities since we’ve engaged with them. Wellspring Digital is a true vCMO partner.”

Eric Johnson, President, Audio Video Group

“My experience with Wellspring Digital has been fantastic. They’ve given The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce the tools we needed to intelligently market ourselves and communicate with our members and the data to determine our ROI. We’ve had to pivot quite a bit in the past year and I can honestly say that we would not be as healthy as we have been without their staff and technology. A wonderful team to work with!”

Jennifer Gerlock, Vice President of Marketing and Leadership Frederick County Executive Director, Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

“Just had one of the most useful marketing/promotional/fundraising meetings with Wellspring Digital. I came to the meeting expecting the regular lecture-like and repetitive information, but Karl and his team proved me very wrong by delivering straightforward, detailed, and relevant information, focusing on WHAT, HOW, and WHEN, with examples! Looking forward to learning more from Karl and team!”

Ivana Soce, Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI)

“Wellspring Digital took my company from being crashed to a dominant player in my market in just 24 months. I have had other companies claim this great accomplishment and that company we did this for and on multiple occasions we rise and fall with my phone calls and emails. It is like they respond with some 5-hour energy to appease me and I never got where they claimed they would take me. Well, Wellspring Digital takes you there and is hands-on talking or emailing me regularly. If you want to get the performance you thought you would get from your website, Wellspring Digital is your team.”

Roland Cavell, President, Hi Lo Auto Sales

“Wellspring Digital helped us clean up our site implementation, including putting together and submitting a comprehensive DISAVOW list with Google. Karl and team are responsive, their technical ability and fast turnaround helped us to improve our website operations.”

Frank Oelschlager, CEO, Ten Mile Square

“Wellspring Digital’s dedication to the UX has been instrumental in revamping our website. The navigation and flow are now more clear and concise. It is much easier for potential clients to find our portfolio and understand our company’s capabilities. It was important to us for users to feel the EPIC experience on our site – and now they do!”

Stephanie Brandmire, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Epic Entertainment

“Absolutely fantastic customer service and invaluable knowledge transfer. A genuine standout among the crowded SEO firm space.”

Matt Lipstein, Chuck Levin’s Music Center

“We doubled our SEO traffic within 3 months leading to our event being sold out continuously. We have been able to extend our event opening through into the Spring as demand is so strong.”

Tracy Strann, Sensorio Paso

“We tasked the Wellspring team with combining two sites without 404s and creating a site that would drive our SEO. They not only did it quickly, but they were in constant communication with us so that we were never in the dark. I would highly recommend!”

Lindsey Osburn, Marketing Manager, Omeza

“Highly recommended. They are true experts in their fields of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Marketing Automation.”

Andrew Donahue, Donahue Tax

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