Digital Marketing Strategy and vCMO Solutions

Digital marketing strategy is something lots of organizations talk about, but few rarely and truly engage in. They are more interested in “taking orders” for billable items than they are in working with you to develop a truly strategic approach.

The average digital marketing firm will try and sell you a list of services whether you need them or not. They care about billing you as much as they can. This is checkers, we play chess.

You have a job to do, you have people who want to see the results of your efforts, and you have quotas, target goals, KPIs that need to be achieved. What you need is someone to back you up and help you succeed. You need someone who can see the whole field.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Approach

This is where our vCMO service comes in. A Fractional CMO or vCMO is an expert or group of experts who fills all of the gaps in your marketing infrastructure. We do this by…

  • Advising you on whether your current strategy is working and where changes need to be made.
  • Helping you to identify and properly target your ideal customer.
  • Talking you out of making bad digital marketing decisions.
  • Providing strategy, service, and solutions as you need it and within your budget and resource restraints… without sacrificing results.
  • Not trying to shoehorn you into a pre-made solution or trendy process but work with you to develop a short- and long-term solution that makes you the marketing hero at your company.

Digital marketing success is measured in ROI. Digital marketing strategy is the process of developing a plan and executing it to achieve that ROI and quickly course correct when it is not. Strategy is not a piece of paper; it is an ongoing conversation about how to use digital marketing tactics to achieve better results.

Our methodology is based on Agile Development. We are always looking at the data and discussing performance with you to systematically improve on what works and redirecting efforts and budget from efforts that do not.

Let’s start that conversation today!