vCMO/Fractional CMO

A virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO or fractional CMO) will join your team to provide guidance, increase the number of leads your marketing generates, and improve your business visibility.

Why You Need It:

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing Efforts

What You’ll Get:

Higher Marketing ROI, Visibility, and Defined Strategy

What We’ll Do:

Create a Strategy, Build Processes, Set Goals, and Reach Them

What They Say:

"Wellspring Digital’s Virtual CMO feature is unique and one that’s proven helpful to us. As a small company that works leanly, it’s great to have this as a resource to tap into for an extra layer of insight and advice." ~Amy Rafael, Vice President of Marketing, Lincoln Healthcare Leadership

Why You Need a vCMO

Does your company have a marketing strategy? Does it work? Does your marketing team generate a stable flow of leads? Are marketing processes in your company clear and transparent?  Are you happy with your marketing ROI? Are your marketing and sales efforts aligned? 

If you answered “No” or don’t know the answer to any of the questions above, then you need a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to boost your marketing efforts and output.

The problem is that small and medium businesses often lack a budget to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. A vCMO, also known as a Fractional CMO, is the solution that will solve your marketing problems without breaking your budget.

What You’ll Get 

  • Complete analysis of your current marketing efforts
  • A revised or new marketing strategy
  • Improved marketing processes and workflows
  • Higher marketing ROI
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Stronger marketing team
  • Meaningful reports

What We’ll Do

Our experts with decades of experience will become a collective full-fledged marketing lead for your marketing team.

Analysis: We will perform a complete review of your marketing strategy and processes and identify pain points and growth possibilities. 

Strategy: Based on the analysis and resources assessment, we will improve your marketing strategy or create a new custom-tailored one from scratch.

Sales Alignment: We will build rapport between your sales and marketing teams and make sure their combined efforts will help reach your business goals faster.

Budgeting: Marketing budgets can easily get out of hand – especially when there is no vision and strategy behind them. We will help your team to manage the marketing budget and allocate resources most effectively.

Process Optimization: We will build processes and workflows to reach desired goals and KPIs set by the new strategy. 

Higher ROI: By using a more effective strategy and processes, we will increase your marketing output.

Education: Our experts will share their knowledge with your marketing team members, improving their skills and effectiveness.

Reporting: We will provide you with regular updates on the progress – zero fluff, 100% meaningful data.