Marketing Automation

Marketing automation takes the headaches and the hassle out of the administrative tasks of marketing while giving you the tools and data you need to develop stronger customer relationships and deliver a personalized customer experience at scale. Like most martech, marketing automation requires a strategic approach and expert execution to see results and the kind of ROI you need.

Why You Need It:

With a clear marketing automation strategy and streamlined process, the quantity and quality of leads generationed will increase drastically, as well as the conversion rate. At the same time, it will reduce the waste of time/budget and while strengthening the channels that drive the most leads and sales.

What You’ll Get:

More leads and conversions, proper attribution, goal-based workflows, insights into your marketing and sales practices, and ways to improve them.

What We’ll Do:

Create a lead nurturing strategy, process, and pipeline tailored specifically to your needs.

What They Say:

“Highly recommended. They are true experts in their fields of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Marketing Automation.” - Andrew Donahue, Donahue Tax

Marketing Automation Audits

We will review all your marketing processes and offer develop a plan for improving them to maximize your marketing output. We will review your contacts to ensure you’re targeting them correctly. And we will review your workflows or lack thereof to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing automation system. 

We will also look at ways that your marketing automation platform can align the marketing and sales teams and their efforts to ensure the team is working effectively together towards a common set of goals. 

Marketing Automation Management

We will employ and implement marketing automation technology to improve your view of the marketing and sales funnel of your organization. Typically, once implemented, you will begin to see extraordinary insights into your marketing and sales practices–and ways to improve them. 

We will make certain that your team understands what is going on in your marketing automation platform and understands how to best use that platform to achieve your organization’s digital marketing goals.