Editorial Calendar Management

So many businesses create content when it’s convenient for them. When you ignore strategy and forego planning, you will inevitably miss opportunities to strike content gold. Stay two steps ahead of your competition with an editorial calendar.

Why You Need It:

Strategic Approach to Content Delivers Better Results.

What You’ll Get:

Better Content Marketing ROI and Conversions.

What We’ll Do:

Create and Manage Editorial Calendar to Boost Your Content Marketing.

What They Say:

“The folks at Wellspring have been successfully assisting us with getting our message out through our electronic marketing efforts on a number of platforms.” ~Eric Johnson, President, Audio-Video Group

Why You Need Editorial Calendar Management

Using editorial calendars is a tried-and-true process for implementing an engaging and effective content marketing plan. While your competition is ignoring content or creating it as they are able, you establish a consistent helpful content presence to attract your target audience and achieve your goals.

Are you guessing when it comes to creating content? Or, worse yet, are you writing for the wrong audience? So many businesses write for themselves or to impress the C-suite. That is not your target audience!

With an editorial calendar, you don’t just see that content is being created, but that this is content that your audience is going to want, when they want it.

What You’ll Get

  • A strategic content plan
  • Monthly editorial calendars
  • Visibility into the content and its purpose
  • Planning, deadlines, and goals for your writers
  • A process-driven management of all content efforts
  • Content performance analysis and planning

What We’ll Do

Strategy: Editorial calendars allow you to map out what you’re delivering to your target audience ahead of time. We develop calendars that factor in your editorial goals, audience needs, seasonality (if applicable), and resource allocation.

Monthly calendars: We will work with you to develop a monthly editorial calendar so you can see exactly what needs to be done and when it must be completed. These calendars keep your team on-task and on time.

Analysis: Each month we will look at the performance of the content plan we mapped out in the previous month to assess its effectiveness. With this data and with input from you, your clients, and your social audience, we will be equipped to create better content with each month that passes. Each calendar will take into account the performance of previous months, topicality, seasonality, and goals met or not met.