Website Design

Website Design that Gets Results

Website Design isn’t just about creating a work of art. The website still needs to function and most importantly, attract new customers.  

Take Your Business to New Heights with a Stunning Website

For most organizations, their website is their most valuable marketing tool. This is why we approach websites from the perspective that it needs to look great and perform at a high level. We dedicate ample up-front time to learn, plan, and discover. This allows us to make the design and development time more productive, and the end result more impactful.

Why Wellspring Digital is Right for You

Our website designs are developed on the WordPress CMS. Our website design and development includes branding, search engine optimization, and a focus on visitor conversions. Our web design projects start at the search engine results page and migrate through content and call to actions.

We want to create a website that is focused on your customer, their experience, and how this journey delivers revenue and ROI to you and your organization.

From a simple website to an advanced e-Commerce solution, we can create effective solutions to meet your marketing goals and objectives. If you have something unique you’d like to create, we’ll produce a customized solution that can include the necessary components to meet your project requirements.

Whether it’s in-person at our main office in Frederick, MD, or via Zoom or Teams nationwide, our web design team works directly with you to achieve your goals. Our project manager will keep your web design project on task and on time. And our years of digital marketing experience ensure your website is built for success. 

Clean Code & SEO Friendly

A large part of the marketing value in your website is how SEO friendly it will be. Wellspring Digital is different from other web designers and developers in that we approach your new website or redesign with sales and marketing in mind – our ultimate vision is to deliver a website that gets results and ranks well.

We have the end vision in mind throughout the design process, looking at how your customers can be attracted using search engines and other online marketing channels. We build your website with clean code that is SEO-friendly from the beginning and includes the tools you will need to quickly leverage web traffic and search engines, such as Google and Bing.

WordPress CMS

We create effective websites using WordPress as the content management system that get results and high rankings. WordPress is a clean and SEO-friendly CMS with a easy-to-use editor. You're not stuck with WordPress like you are with other platforms. WordPress is supported by 1,000s of developers and there is virtually a plugin for your every need.

Ecommerce Website Design

We create websites that integrate with all major Ecommerce platforms to deliver a stunning offering that gets results. Simply placing products online isn't a solid plan. We work with you to ensure that your website is optimized for visibility and conversions.

Core Web Vitals

When creating a website, we always focus on responsive, mobile-first design to create a streamlined, stunning website. We test your website against Google's Core Web Vitals tool to ensure it is fast and user-friendly. Design is only part of the story. User experience is often overlooked but one of the most important elements of your website.