Increase Visibility and Conversions of Android and iOS Apps

Planning to launch a new mobile app and want it to take off? Your existing app does not deliver expected results? Our ASO experts are here to help.

Make your App Stand Out from the Crowd

With millions of apps available in stores, the battle for users’ attention is fiercer than ever. We can help you win this battle. To give you an edge, we use powerful tools and even more powerful minds of our app store optimization team members.

Our ASO Process

App store optimization goes far beyond keyword research. You must know your audience, keep an eye on competitors, track the most important metrics, and experiment to find your unique success formula.

Our ASO process covers all these needs in five steps:

Identifying the Problems to Solve

What are your app’s current metrics? How does it stand against competitors? What to improve for better performance? Who is your target audience? Our initial analysis helps answer all these questions and develop a strategy that suits your needs.

App Metadata Optimization

The title and descriptions of your app are hugely important. We will enhance them to ensure they reflect your app’s value in the best way possible. Another part of the job is to strategically use keywords making finding your app easier for users who need it.

Visual Improvements

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, we often hear. But for ASO, this is more than an adage.  An outstanding app icon or a well-crafted screenshot can often be the main (and sometimes the only) factor in a user’s decision to install your app. We will help you create engaging visuals to improve conversions.

Experiments and enhancements

A/B testing is the backbone of app store optimization. We will constantly run experiments, analyzing their impact on your app’s performance.


We will provide you with monthly reports on your app’s key performance indicators and how our efforts affect them.

If you want to reach a global audience, an extra step will be needed – localization of your app metadata and visuals. We will take care of it as well.

ASO is Not Enough

Our app store optimization efforts will count for nothing if users won’t be satisfied with the app itself. User retention rate, rating, and reviews are among the most important app ranking factors. We will provide you with insights on UX and other improvements that will help to increase these metrics.