Content Strategy

Stop wasting money on useless, thin, boring content and start moving towards your strategic goals with a strategic content plan.

Why You Need It:

Content Strategy Helps You Achieve Long-Term Success

What You’ll Get:

A Clear Vision and Roadmap to Success and Effective Content Resource Management

What We’ll Do:

Create a Content Strategy that Will Help Your Business Grow

What They Say:

“We’ve experienced a measurable increase in both the number and quality of opportunities since we’ve engaged with [Wellspring].” ~Eric Johnson, President, Audio Video Group

Why You Need Content Strategy

“Content is king” is one of the most popular sayings in digital marketing. But what does it mean? In a nutshell, it means that content is your primary driver for new leads. Content comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you communicate with your audience via social media, create videos, or write blog posts, the quality of the content you create directly affects your business results and the perceived value of your company to your target audience.

But creating content for the sake of it is not enough. Each piece of content you create must serve a specific purpose and get you closer to your business goals. And that’s where content strategy comes into play.

A content strategy answers such questions as:

  • Who are we writing for?
  • Which problems does our content help to solve?
  • Which goals do we want to reach with our content?
  • What types of content should we create for maximum effectiveness?
  • How will the content we create support our other marketing and sales efforts?

A content strategy is essential if you want to spend your resources effectively and ensure that your content is engaging and effective.

What You’ll Get

  • Quantifiable content goals
  • Analysis of your audience
  • Current content audit
  • A list of content channels and formats to use
  • A long-term content marketing plan

What We’ll Do

Define your content goals: We will analyze your marketing efforts, identify possible growth points, and create a list of quantifiable goals for your content.

Analyze your audience: Knowing your reader and what are their needs are essential if you want to create effective content.

Audit your current content marketing efforts: Is your existing content helping you reach your goals? Is there any outdated, low-quality, duplicate content? A content audit will get you a clear understanding of how your content performs now and what must be improved.

Define content channels and formats to use: To reach your strategic goals, you must understand what content channels and formats will work the best for you. White papers or blog posts? Podcasts or videos? Case studies or infographics? We will give our recommendations based on an analysis of your audience and competition.

Align your content and other sales and marketing strategies: It is vital to make your content work in synergy with other marketing efforts. SEO is especially content-dependent, and we will ensure that all the pieces you create help improve your standings in search engines. We will also ensure that the content you create supports your sales efforts where certain content pieces could actually mean the difference between whether a sale is won or lost.

Create a long-term content plan: We will create a list of topics that will resonate with your audience and proposed formats to use. This plan will factor in all needs including SEO, email marketing, and sales enablement.