Digital Marketing Team

Small businesses can’t always afford to hire new employees for all their digital marketing needs. That’s why many of our clients use us as their extended digital marketing team. They get a seasoned team of digital marketing experts without all the headaches of extra payroll and HR needs.

Why You Need It:

Beat the Competition by Having the Best Digital Marketing Team Around

What You’ll Get:

Access to Seasoned, Non-Nonsense, Digital Marketing Veterans Working for You

What We’ll Do:

Operate as Your Outsourced Digital Marketing Team

What They Say:

“The folks at Wellspring have been successfully assisting us with getting our message out through our electronic marketing efforts on a number of platforms.” ~Eric Johnson, President, Audio-Video Group

Why You Need Our Digital Marketing Team

Hiring for SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing, marketing automation, and more can get very expensive and require a ton of management time and HR resources. And even if you have an internal digital marketing team, chances are that you are missing certain expertise within that team that you need to see results.

What You’ll Get

  • Experienced digital marketing veterans working for you
  • Digital marketing discipline coverage where needed
  • A team who operates according to your strategic vision
  • Reporting and analysis from an outside perspective
  • Tactics in disciplines that give you an edge over your competition

What We’ll Do

We will fill the gaps in your digital marketing infrastructure based specifically on your company’s needs and marketing budget. This allows you to focus on running your business while we focus on getting you the digital marketing results you need.

Analysis: We will work with you to determine where you may have gaps in your digital marketing infrastructure. We also look at your company’s target goals to determine where you will need help as it relates to various digital marketing disciplines.

Strategy: Everything we do here starts with strategy. We ask the all-important question of “why?” We determine not just what you need but why you need it and what results it can generate. We don’t just slap a tactic on a problem, we develop a strategic solution and put together the best team to carry that out.

Digital Marketing Asset Allocation: Sometimes, your digital marketing needs may change. If you hire internally to solve a marketing problem, you are painting yourself into a corner and will have a harder time pivoting when the need arises. Working with us keeps you nimble, allowing you to move from one tactical need to another without having to make internal staff changes.

Budgeting: Most businesses and organizations do not have an endless amount of money to invest in their digital marketing efforts, especially when it comes to the staff needed to execute these efforts. Using us as your outsourced digital marketing team means you can spend money on the exact tactics needed at the exact right time.

Higher ROI: Let’s face it, everyone is concerned about the bottom line. Any digital marketing effort that cannot produce a quantifiable result should be given a second look. When you are able to invest your marketing dollars directly into what you is needed to get results, your ROI skyrockets.