Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the most effective sources of new business. Leveraging its power through influencer marketing can benefit your business enormously.

Why You Need It:

It Is an Extremely Flexible and Versatile Marketing Activity that Can Skyrocket Your Brand

What You’ll Get:

Increased Brand Awareness and Direct Contact with Influencers’ Loyal Audiences

What We’ll Do:

Create Custom-Tailored and Precisely Targeted Influencer Campaigns

What They Say:

“Wellspring is a breath of fresh air after years of working with other digital marketing firms. Their approach produces leads - so many that our sales team can't keep up.” ~Doug Miller, CEO/CTO, Brightworks Group

Why You Need Influencer Marketing

It is quite common for modern-day Internet users to be skeptical of brands. Ads are everywhere, and every brand tries using that “personal” and “intimate” tone of voice to try and build a “relationship” with a potential customer. People often grow weary of this approach, and subconsciously divert their attention from such messaging. That’s where influencer marketing can help.

Social media influencers build real (and very tight!) relationships with their audience. They often influence decisions through what they post. If a well-known and well-trusted influencer endorses a brand or uses a product, their followers will likely do the same.

Influencer marketing is not only about celebrities. Micro- and even nano-influencers take part in smaller campaigns every day. Their audiences may be not as vast, but they are much more loyal and ready to follow in the opinion leader’s steps.

Running influencer marketing campaigns may be extremely beneficial for your business’s brand awareness. When performed correctly, they also offer high ROI and help you not only build awareness but also get leads and customers.

The key is to find the perfect influencer for your specific campaign and make sure their followers are similar to your target audience. The influencer themselves must be genuinely interested in your service or product – otherwise, the campaign will not much differ from your regular advertising. We will help you connect with the right influencers and develop a fruitful collaboration with them.

What You’ll Get

  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying the right influencers
  • Creating and publishing content
  • Monitoring campaign performance
  • Reporting

What We’ll Do

Create a strategic influencer marketing plan: The first step to achieving the desired result is determining the goals of the campaign, the message to spread, and the channels to use. These and other questions are with you up front. This gets us a blueprint from which we can run an effective campaign.

Identify the right influencers: Choosing the wrong influencer will not only waste your time and money; in the worst-case scenario, it may even harm your business and online reputation.

To find a perfect influencer, we will make sure that:

  • Their audience is authentic, and the engagement rate is high
  • Their audience demographics match your target audience
  • Their content and tone of voice resonate with your brand’s
  • They are ready to collaborate with your brand
  • Their pricing matches your expectations

At Wellspring Digital, we use a set of influencer marketing tools that allows us to search for the right influencers quickly and effectively.

Create and publish content: Just as with any other marketing activity, content is king. The main rule when it comes to influencer marketing content is don’t create it yourself. Creating plain and clear guidelines for influencers is vital but giving them a certain level of freedom is important as well.

Each influencer has their own unique voice. Let that voice be heard. The main challenge here is to find the delicate balance between the influencer’s genuine content and your brand’s message.

Monitor campaign performance: Vanity metrics are great and look neat in the reports, but what is the real value an influencer marketing campaign brings to your business? It depends on the goals of each individual campaign. Sometimes you want to raise awareness where your key metric is reach.

Sometimes you want to boost a specific product’s sales. With this goal, you must make sure you can identify conversions through this campaign. We will monitor your campaigns and get all the data needed to measure their performance.

Report: We will provide you with all the data regarding your campaign in a clear and transparent manner. During this stage, we will also discuss the results with you and offer ideas on how to build on your success.