Digital Marketing Audits

Every business must do inventory. Whether it be of physical products or company assets, nothing is better than a thorough accounting to see what you’re working with. It is no different with digital marketing. We work with businesses to see what they have and what they need.

Why You Need It:

Eliminate Wasteful Spending and Increase Digital Marketing ROI

What You’ll Get:

A Full 360 View of Your Digital Marketing Infrastructure to Better Inform Future Decisions

What We’ll Do:

A Complete Accounting of All Digital Marketing Assets and the Effectiveness of Current Campaigns

What They Say:

“The team at Wellspring Digital is responsive. Their technical ability and fast turnaround helped us to improve our website operations.” ~Frank Oelschlager, Principle, Ten Mile Square

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Audit

When is the last time you did a complete accounting of all your digital marketing assets, tactics, and team? You could be wasting time and money on efforts that are not producing results. You may also be missing opportunities to edge out your competition because you didn’t take a hard look at where you are with your digital marketing efforts.

What You’ll Get

  • Complete analysis of your current marketing efforts
  • A comprehensive report detailing your marketing successes, failures, and deficiencies
  • Details on where you need to adjust spending and reallocate efforts
  • The ability to spend your marketing budget exactly where it is needed
  • An understanding of the internal and external resources you will need moving forward
  • A more informed marketing approach

What We’ll Do

Our team of expert strategists and analysts will work with your team to get to the bottom of what’s working and what isn’t with your current digital marketing efforts. We will also inventory all your digital marketing channels and assets to identify areas needing more attention and other areas that may not be needed. The goal of all this is to deliver you a complete look at your current infrastructure and outline what changes and investments you will need to make in the future.

SEO Audits: Are you targeting and ranking for the right keywords and phrases? How are your rankings compared to your audience? Do you have gaps in your content that your competitors do not? We will do a keyword and content analysis, look at your real-world competitors and your competition in the search results pages, and identify possible onsite errors, bad backlinks, and other SEO errors that require attention.

PPC Campaign Audits: Are you bidding on the best terms? Is your target audience properly defined? Are you running the right types of ads on the appropriate channels? We will take a deep dive into your paid search and social campaigns to look for areas needing improvement.

Marketing Automation Audit: Most modern businesses and organizations are running some sort of automation platform to manage their contacts, email, and social media campaigns, and to track sales activity. Are you running something like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or another platform in your organization? If so, you could certainly benefit from having our experts look at the setup and make sure everything is configured properly and most appropriately. You might be surprised by what we find and what benefits you could get from an audit of your marketing automation platform.

Content Gap Analysis: Are you developing content that helps your marketing and sales efforts? Do your customers devour your content and beg for more? We will do a deep dive into all your content and look for opportunities to revise or create new content to fill the gaps in your content marketing efforts. We will look through your blog, your sales materials, and your social channels to see where content is needed. We will also look at what your competition is doing and find opportunities for you to do better.

A fresh look at your digital marketing efforts by our seasoned professionals could greatly benefit your organization, your target audience, and ultimately, your bottom line. It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk!