Social Media Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness, Leads & Engagement

Every business needs an engaging presence on social media to expand its audience reach and acquire new leads. Let’s chat about how Wellspring Digital can achieve your goals with social media marketing. 

Engage with your Audience & Increase Brand Awareness

Your audience spends more time on social media platforms than any other website, so it’s important to establish your brand and business there, too.

Establishing your business presence on popular sites goes a long way to establishing consumer trust and credibility, but which platforms are the most appropriate for your marketing strategy, and how do you leverage social media to support and meet your sales and marketing goals?

Wellspring Digital provides two principal organic social media offerings:

Creating & Developing an Engaging Social Media Presence

Establishing and maintaining your business presence on the most popular platforms, notably Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many others, is vital to extending the reach of your brand.

We take the time to understand your business, its goals, and its audience to help determine which platforms make the most sense. From there, we develop strategies to engage with your audience to pull them into your sales pipeline.

The Importance of Generating Social Media ROI

We never forget that the primary goal of all marketing campaigns is to generate leads and customers. Wellspring Search works on all client initiatives with lead generation firmly at the forefront of our thinking. We will work with your team to present your online branding and messaging to enhance your business reputation and instill your credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers as they travel through your sales and marketing funnel.

Social media marketing can generate high quality leads for your business, however in our experience you must be extremely careful how you pursue this strategy. We have seen numerous instances of social media campaigns, whether it’s paid advertising, influencer marketing, or with community creation, result in a high cost and zero returns.

Do not fall into the trap of great expectations running into the brick wall of reality.

As a business, you have finite resources, and you must use your time and budget to create the most effective impact and ROI. Too many business owners and marketers see social media as a universal panacea, which will cure all their lead generation challenges.

Social Media will not do this for every business!

To leverage the benefits and returns from social media, it must to be deployed with skill, creativity, and properly managed expectations.

Organic Management

Our team will manage your accounts on an ongoing basis with a report at the end of each month. We manage all posting.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Our social media team focuses on two things when it comes to paid social media - generating leads and achieving the lowest cost per click possible.

Analytics & Optimization

Like everything else we do for our clients, we provide transparent analytics and data on how your content is performing and impacting your brand as a whole.