Social Media Marketing

Your audience wants to engage with you. They need to see an active presence on the social media channels where they spend their time. An effective social strategy can be time consuming and not something you are equipped to properly handle. But it is so important.

Why You Need It:

Engage with your audience and increase brand awareness.

What You’ll Get:

Original social media that is on-brand, on-voice, and tied to persona needs.

What We’ll Do:

Create a strategy, develop editorial calendars, and publish engaging content.

What They Say:

“Wellspring is a breath of fresh air after years of working with other digital marketing firms. Their approach produces leads - so many that our sales team can't keep up.” ~Doug Miller, CEO/CTO, Brightworks Group

Why You Need Social Media Content

Your audience spends more time on social media platforms than any other website, so it’s important to establish your brand and business there, too.

Establishing your business presence on social channels goes a long way to establishing consumer trust and credibility. We take the time to understand your business, its goals, and its audience to help determine which platforms make the most sense and what sort of content should go there. 

Social media marketing can generate high quality leads for your business, however in our experience you must be extremely careful how you pursue this strategy. We have seen numerous instances of social media campaigns, whether it’s paid advertising, influencer marketing, or with community creation, that result in a high cost and zero returns.

Do not fall into the trap of great expectations running into the brick wall of reality.

As a business, you have finite resources, and you must use your time and budget to create the most effective impact and ROI. Too many business owners and marketers see social media as a universal panacea, which will cure all their lead generation challenges.

Social Media will not do this for every business!

To leverage the benefits and returns from social media, it must be deployed with skill, creativity, and properly managed expectations. 

What You’ll Get 

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Monthly editorial calendars 
  • Written content for social posts
  • Stock or custom images to go with each post
  • Social media post scheduling
  • Channel analytics and analysis

What We’ll Do

Strategy: Social media marketing strategy development is a multi-step process that includes the following steps:

  • Setting the goals.
  • Analyzing your current and potential audiences, their needs, and their pain points.
  • Developing or matching your brand tone of voice.
  • Defining the most effective social media platforms for spreading your message.
  • Defining the most engaging content formats.

We will ensure that your social media efforts are aligned with the strategy and reaches its goals.

Monthly calendars: We will create calendars to ensure your social media activities are organized and consistent.

Content: Our writers will create engaging content that will turn your social media visitors into loyal clients.

Visuals: Visual content plays a crucial role in social media. We will accompany each post with engaging branded imagery.

Scheduling: We will identify the best time slots for your posts to ensure maximum reach.

Analysis: We will create plain and clear monthly reports to track your social media marketing strategy progress.