Our Core Values

Wellspring Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency. We live by three core principles:

Integrity – Transparency – Results


We are honest and we do not lie, to you, to vendors, or to ourselves – we all deserve the truth. Unfortunately, in our industry, this is rarely true. Customers are rightfully suspicious of marketing firms because they have been lied to over and over again in the past.

It is incumbent upon us to prove that a digital marketing firm with integrity is not only possible, but we are living it every day. If we make a mistake, we tell you and explain how we plan to fix it. If we feel you are making the wrong choice, we will tell you and advise you on what the right choice is and why. This is the only way a successful partnership will survive and thrive.


Clients see work being done in almost real-time with access to our internal platform. We show “how the sausage is made” not just because we want you to feel comfortable working with us, but because we feel it is important for you to know exactly what is going on. We don’t just work for our clients; we partner with them.

A true partnership is based on trust and trust comes from transparency. We also believe that the more you understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, the better you will be at supporting our efforts as we work to achieve your goals.

Deliver Results

We are laser-focused on delivering results because that is ultimately why you hire us. We don’t bombard you with meaningless vanity metrics and call it a win. We focus on trackable successes like sales made and goals met.