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E-commerce SEO with Wellspring Digital

Ecommerce SEO is important because 44% of customers start their buyer journey using search engine, and 79% of these will click on the organic search engine listings, which in turn generates more ROI than any other channel.

Wellspring Digital is a world-class SEO agency, with deep experience using a wide range of shopping carts, including Magento, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, and others, including custom shopping carts.

Our strategic approach to ecommerce SEO as a prime revenue generator, coupled with integrating optimization within your overall marketing strategy, marks Wellspring Digital out from other optimization agencies. We are also differentiated from our competitors in that we have developed several successful ecommerce businesses of our own, as well as working on name brands you will know.

E-commerce SEO Methodology


Before we start actively pursuing optimization efforts, we will work with you and your team on discovery. This is vital and crucial pillar of future success, as we gain deep insight into your brand, positioning, value-propositions, and how your business is differentiated from the herd.

From this will emerge the picture of your ideal customers, and their buying behaviors, such as how they buy from you and find you, and what do they really think of you as a brand. With this understanding of your ideal customers, we will be able to optimize not only your website and digital footprint for Google and Bing, but also your customers’ digital journey.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

The next step is to perform keyword research and competitor analysis, some of which will have been touched upon in our Discovery phase.

Not only will we work on finding and assessing suitable keywords to be targeted by your e-commerce SEO campaign, but we will look at the keywords your competitors are using too.

We use state of the art optimization tools such as SEMrush, AHREFS, and Majestic, to pull down the keywords, traffic, and ranking positions of your website and your competitors.

We will work with you to identify the online competition that matters, and their relative strengths and weaknesses to your website. We will make an assessment as to whether you will be able to compete for keyword rankings and search engine exposure, or whether you will need to find another niche and marketing position to attack.

Not all ranking positions can be achieved in the time frames and budget constraints clients must operate within, but we will help you identify winning positions where you can dominate and generate ROI.

Onsite Optimization

Our e-commerce SEO approach with onsite optimization is extremely rigorous, and it needs to be robust because we are now going to help you build a solid foundation upon which to create online success.

We will perform a technical audit of your existing website, using SEO tools and manual review and testing, in order to see how your site performs for both search engines and human users. We will take the keyword research results, and apply these to optimizing strategic and secondary/tertiary web pages, in conjunction with optimizing your content and site hierarchy.

This is a highly technical and creative part of our e-commerce SEO methodology, but it is absolutely vital we create a site-wide e-commerce optimization foundation to ensure product and category pages gain higher rankings and exposure in search engine results for your target customers.

Wellspring Digital’s e-commerce SEO methodology also ensures you remain compliant with best practices and search engine guidelines to minimize risks associated with technical SEO. We are a White Hat SEO agency, and though we understand Black Hat SEO techniques, we do not employ them in promoting client websites or our own.

Off-Page Optimization

You would not buy a high performance car, and then not put gas in the tank, and off-page optimization delivers the fuel for the onsite work on your website.

If you are in a low competition environment, external SEO factors become less important, however e-commerce SEO is typically conducted against strong competition. So, not only must we build a great performing car if we are going to stand any chance to win the e-commerce race, we must use a high-performance fuel in the form of wider online and offline exposure, branding signals, Social Media signals and activity, and building a balanced backlink portfolio which delivers trust and authority in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

As your level of online competition increases, how well you perform offsite e-commerce optimization will make all the difference between success and failure. Backlinking is especially important for the search engine’s algorithm decision to where your website will rank, but this is a time-consuming, highly creative, and highly technical exercise which requires a deep understanding of how algorithm’s work.

E-commerce websites that manage and execute their offsite optimization campaigns will gain greater exposure on search engines, and they become the brands online searchers trust and buy from.

Reporting and Review

Executing an e-commerce SEO campaign requires a blend of technical and creative skills, discipline and process methodology, and the ability to be nimble and proactive with managing changing conditions. Clients also want to see results from their e-commerce SEO campaigns, and attribute revenues and ROI to optimization work.

Wellspring Digital uses a workflow platform that manages all of our work actions, and the allocation of our agency resources, and we provide clients with access to this for their own account. This provides unparalleled visibility and transparency into what Wellspring Search is doing on the client’s behalf, and all at the click of a mouse.

While it provides clients with a window into activity, it is results that count, and so we arrange and schedule regular client meetings to report on key metrics, such as rankings, traffic, and e-commerce sales. We will also discuss changes in the execution of e-commerce SEO work and strategy as the campaign unfolds and data is generated.

Wellspring Digital also continuously monitors client websites for issues with the search environment, or changes in the competitive landscape. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, as are the actions of both your customers and competitors, and you must maintain monitor them to ensure you remain optimized.