• 8 Tactics to Convert Social Media Traffic to Ecommerce Sales

    8 Tactics to Convert Social Media Traffic to Ecommerce Sales

    There’s no debating the importance of social media in the digital landscape, but how do e-commerce businesses turn Likes into sales? With social media channels being the catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing, online retailers can use these 8 tactics to convert social media traffic to new sales. 1. Offer Social Exclusives The most direct way to ...

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  • Does Social Media Activity Influence SEO Success?

    Does Social Media Activity Influence SEO Success?

    We all know that social media is an important piece of your digital marketing strategy. But what impact does your social media presence have on your website’s SEO? There are many studies out there, like this very thorough SEO/Social Media examination from CognitiveSEO from 2016 that proves that social media does impact your website’s rankings, ...

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  • How to Write for Social Engagement

    One-thousand-one…one-thousand-two…one-thousand-three…OK, that is how long you get to grab someone’s attention on a social media channel. About three seconds before they scroll by your post. Sure, the photo or the graphic is essential, but don’t kill the engagement with weak written content. Put down your camera and write for social engagement. A New Interaction: Social ...

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  • Creating Impactful Social Campaigns

    I will admit it. I used to be a rogue social media campaigner. I would start the day by browsing current events, social channels, and my photo collection. I would later post, across multiple channels, the theme that picked the mood of the day. Sure, the posts had a following, and they were fresh, but ...

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  • Images are More Important than Ever-Here’s Why

    It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that we are living in the age of social media. Your mom, your coworkers, and even your grandma are on social media at this point. Even your dog, if you’re into that. With so many posts, tweets, snapchats, and messages being sent each day, how can you ...

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