Top 5 Tips for Social Media Success

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Social media can be a daunting task if you do not know where to begin. Your business can increase growth and potential customers with a few simple techniques. Businesses, whether small or large, can reach new audiences, target audiences, increase sales, and drive traffic to a company site.

1. Goals and Objectives

Before posting your first social media post on Facebook or tweeting your first tweet on Twitter, setting a few important goals and objectives can help set your business apart from the competition. Goals can be anything from increasing sales, acquiring new or potential customers, or increasing your business’s conversion rate. Knowing what your business should focus on can help determine the best social media strategies to start with.

2. Pick your Platform

Different social media platforms are better suited for different audiences. While it may seem that older generations are the only ones to use Facebook, the average age of Facebook users is 25-34 years old, according to Hootsuite. Around 8 in 10 users are between the ages of 18 to 29. Therefore, depending on the audience you are trying to reach and the type of social media campaign you are working towards, you can use different social media platforms.

3. Understand your audience

Like understanding how to pick your platform, it is important to note what time of day or week your target audience spends the most time on social media. Choose your social media campaign and platform based on the average income, education, and ethnicity can all be factored in choosing your social media campaign and platform. This information can be determined based on where your business is, where you are trying to reach, and past interactions with customers and audiences.

4. Control connections

Social media and advertisements can be linked through remarketing. Remarketing is a strategy where a social media user interacts with your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platform, and they receive a targeted ad from your social media account. Retargeting ads have a higher chance to convert because the user is already familiar with your brand. Email subscription lists and newsletters are just two ways to reach out to your target audience after he or she has an interaction with your business.

5. Quality vs quantity

Instead of trying to generate five posts per day, per week, focus on a few quality posts per week. Meaningful interactions on social media can also be a great way to increase the “buzz” about your company. This can be anything from replying to comments, answering questions targeted to your business, or liking and sharing posts about your business. Spend more time on unicorns, not donkeys.

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