Marketing Automation: Why It’s Vital for Your Business

Marketing Automation is essential for attracting customers—which ultimately brings in revenue. By automating marketing tasks, we free up resources you could be expending on creating new leads for your company. Through marketing automation, tasks such as emailing initial prospects, following up on demo requests, scheduling appointments, and other necessary but timely processes can be taken care of without the extra hassle.

Necessary Marketing Automation Tools

Automation platforms such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot, and Sharpspring allow you to automate your company’s marketing efforts, hit sales goals, and track it all within one platform. This will eventually enable you to optimize your campaigns. This brings in the best results for your business. One way to start this process is by exchanging your content for contact information. This can be done by getting people to sign up on your website for more information about a specific service or product; this will provide you with the means to track visitors on your website or users of your services.

A built-in CRM easily and efficiently allows your company to store all these contacts. Marketing automation gathers information helpful to your business from each potential customer. This may include gathering nothing more than an IP address or going farther by identifying and noting their activity and behaviors as they engage with your content.

Stay Engaged Using Marketing Automation Tools

Engaging with your potential customers will encourage them to use your services or buy from you. By sending automatic, relevant messages to potential customers engaging with your website, you can spread awareness regarding what your business has to offer. Such messages can be specific emails sent to selected individuals or general promotions. Once a potential customer is engaged, lead scoring allows you to sense who is and is not serious about buying your products or using your services. Lead scoring will enable you to reward serious customers by moving them quickly and efficiently through the buying process—for both of your sakes.

Being able to analyze all the data you gather and track is the key to creating new leads or keeping regular customers. This is done through data analytics automatically tracked once enabled through marketing automation. Ready to start using the power of marketing automation for your marketing efforts? Call 717-457-0522 or email for a free consultation and demo.

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