Anton Shulke Saving Abandoned Pets on the Ground in Ukraine

Buy Anton Shulke a “Coffee” and Feed Cats & Dogs in Ukraine

Anton Shulke has been an instrumental part of my journey as an SEO because of his connection to SEMRush, one of the mainstays in my SEO toolkit. Anton is currently the Head of Influencer Marketing for website platform Duda.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anton and his family have refused to leave the country – I’ve begged him to, but he won’t hear of leaving nor will his wife because she is a doctor, and they really need her right now.

The war has caused the massive displacement of people within and out of Ukraine – over 3 million have fled the country, half of them children.

In Kyiv where Anton and his family are based, thousands of cats and dogs have been abandoned, while shelters that were able to rely on people to donate money and supplies have seen everything disappear overnight as people have fled the bombs and bullets. This is not just affecting Kyiv, it is across the whole country.

What Can You Do?

While Mrs. Shulke is looking after people, Anton is looking after suffering dogs and cats by turning Buy Me A Coffee donations into kibble or giving money directly to the shelters that are in desperate need.

Anton is a personal friend and there is nothing I would like better than to flex my credit card and buy the Shulke’s tickets out of there and bring them here, but they want to do their duty as they see it and their duty is to stay and help.

I’m asking that you support my friend in feeding the cats and dogs in Ukraine by buying Anton a ‘coffee’ – the Buy Me A Coffee platform works and is a secure way to get the money into Ukraine where Anton will make sure it gets turned in to food and supplies for these cats and dogs.

You can buy Anton a ‘coffee’ here and thank you!

Karl Hindle

CEO & Founder of Wellspring Digital

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