Our Digital Marketing Process

In the words of Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” The same goes for your digital marketing. If you don’t stop and assess on a regular basis you end up with junk in, junk out.

Our process is built on the agile development foundation. We do things in iterations with regular testing and adjustments as needed because we’re getting realtime data on performance. We use that data to optimize our campaigns so we’re getting the best results possible.

Onboard and Intake

Embarking on a new digital marketing journey can be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry, we’re professionals and have been doing this for years. We will do all the heavy lifting. We just need your input and will require you to make some decisions. Our process is a simple one and consists of the following steps:

HighGear – Task and Project Management System

  1. Our Project Manager (PM) will add you to our project and task management system, HighGear. We use HighGear to manage all daily tasks and to provide you with regular updates. You’ll use this to post requests, questions, and content.
  2. Once you are added to our system, the PM will conduct an online training session to ensure that you are comfortable using HighGear.

Intake – Gathering Your Branding Materials, Content, and Logins

  1. The PM will provide you with a list of items we’ll need from you. This generally includes a good quality version of your logo and any branding guidelines you have, any content pieces you’re using now and/or links to content you think is effective, and any logins we may require to your website, marketing automation, CRM, or other accounts.
  2. We will also want any marketing analysis or support materials like buyer personas, targeted goals, and any reporting you’ve done in the past. 
  3. All items and logins can easily be posted to HighGear and will be stored securely.

Kickoff – Review, Planning, and Expectations

  1. We will organize an all hands kickoff meeting once we have everything set up in HighGear and you are sufficiently trained. We will conduct this meeting at your location and ask that all critical stakeholders be present.
  2. The kickoff meeting is the time for everyone to be heard. It’s important that all stakeholders are on board with the next steps in this process. Your digital marketing success depends on buy-in from your core team. 
  3. In this meeting, we will outline our specific process, what tasks you can expect from us and what can be expected from our efforts. We promise to be transparent about how we will work and realistic about what you can expect. After this meeting, there shouldn’t be any surprises as we work together to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Ongoing Digital Marketing Efforts

Once we’ve completed the onboarding and intake processes, we will put the wheels in motion. Our digital marketing process is based on the agile development model with sprints, scrums, and iterations.

All tasks are managed in HighGear in one-week sprints.

Digital Marketing Sprints

  1. Our Project Manager (PM) will outline each week’s tasks and sprint goals.
  2. Tasks are delegated to the discipline manager, i.e. SEO Manager or Marketing Automation Manager, to be assigned.
  3. We use HighGear to track the progress of all of these marketing tasks.

Weekly “Scrums”

  1. At the end of each weekly sprint, the PM will organize and facilitate a scrum to review tasks completed and discuss the tasks for the following week’s sprint with the team.
  2. In these meetings, we assess the effectiveness of each marketing effort and make adjustments as needed. 
  3. These weekly scrums serve an invaluable role as they help us to stay nimble and adjust our efforts quickly and effectively. This means you get the best digital marketing output from our team week in and week out.

Monthly Reports

  1. At the end of each month, we will produce and review a full monthly report with the client via Zoom or in-person whenever possible. 
  2. On these calls, we will conduct a quick review of the tasks completed. These calls will focus on tracking and discussing the progress and efficacy of all marketing efforts.
  3. These calls will also be an opportunity to discuss with the client the upcoming month’s goals and related tasks.

Wellspring Search Digital Marketing Process