Appointment Setter – Full Job Description

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• Would you like to be responsible for leading the growth of an established digital marketing agency’s post-Covid growth in the USA?
• Do you get a lot of satisfaction from charming your way past gatekeepers and booking discovery calls?
• Do you value getting paid healthy commissions and performance bonuses?
• Do you want more than just a job? With opportunity to grow and develop into a company leader?

About the role:

If the answers to the above are a resounding yes, then read on, because Wellspring Digital has just kicked off its search for a North American based appointment setter.
The position is fully remote, has flexible hours and operates in US business hours.
A very healthy commission schedule allows for no earnings cap with additional performance bonuses for meeting KPIs.
First year On Target Earnings will be more than $100k.
Wellspring Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency serving clients across the US, Canada and the UK.
You will be part of our tight-knit team, and will support our sales growth working from engaged leads developed by our internal marketing team.
You will report directly to the CEO and CDMO.

You will be responsible for:

• Working contact lists to do cold calling & emailing & Social Media outreach with the main objective of booking appointments (discovery calls)
• Assistance with improving scripts, emails and sales processes
• Ensuring all communications are fully up to date in our systems


• Proven success in previous appointment setting positions
• OUTSTANDING oral and written English skills
• USA/Canadian residents
• Natural ability to establish rapport with people
• Quickly adapt to new software

Why Wellspring Digital? (aka “job perks”):

• You will be free to structure your day around your other passions – boxing session at 11am… or yoga at 3pm… picking up the kids from school… no problem. Think flexi-hours on a whole new level.
• You will have huge flexibility in where and when you work. Calls need to be complete within US business hours, but you can work from anywhere. (US/Canadian residents only)
• Healthy commissions based on achieving personal KPIs.
• We have a successful internal lead generation program you will be working with.
• Our team is tight-knit, loyal and get things done!
• If you’re successful, then the possibility of moving into a full-time role beyond appointment setting is there for the taking! We are looking to develop an internal sales team of appointment setters and closers!

Company Description

• Wellspring Digital is a fast-growing digital marketing agency with most of the team in the United States (but we have employees in the UK and Israel too).
• Our clients are predominantly in the United States and are scattered across the country.
• We have three offices – our head office is in Frederick MD with satellite offices in Austin TX and Naples FL.
• We are a full service digital marketing agency led by industry leaders – we provide world-class SEO, marketing automation, Social Media, content marketing, web design ad paid search – our typical client is paying $10k/month and more.
• We give you the flexibility to achieve optimal work/life balance, allowing you to be productive while living a life you want to live.

Company Values

We have three Core Values and we live them so read them:
1. Integrity – we do not lie, to each other, to customers, to vendors or to ourselves – we are radically honest and enjoy exceptional levels of trust within our tight-knit team;
2. Transparency – we are open about what we are responsible for and for our individual performance, for what we are doing right and for what we are not doing right – we are fully accountable but know our team has our backs at all time; and
3. Laser focused on Results – ultimately we are paid to deliver results and we are all responsible as individuals and as a team to drive success for our clients and for ourselves.

Apply now – trust us, this will be the best job you’ve ever had and we want it to be the last job you’ll ever have too.

Apply with your resume and a covering email to