The Pivot Agenda

A Business Continuity Solution by Wellspring Digital

What is The Pivot Agenda? We’ve all had to pivot in 2020. Your business has taken a hit and needs a plan that can be deployed fast as our economy restarts. We call this plan The Pivot Agenda. The Pivot Agenda is a robust marketing program that is custom-created to fit your company's current needs. We use technology, paired with in-house marketing professionals, to get your message out there and bring in new business.

What's Included in the Pivot Agenda?

  • A one-hour brainstorming session with Wellspring Digital marketing pros 
  • An SEO and UX (user experience) audit of your website 
  • Claim and optimize your Google My Business, and a 3-month posting campaign 
  • Design and develop an email template, landing page hub, and lead gen form 
  • Develop 3-month social media campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 
  • Develop a 3-month editorial calendar for blog content 
  • Create four 500 word minimum blog posts posted to your website each month 
  • A weekly email newsletter sent including blog post and offer 
  • Configure your campaigns in a Marketing Automation platform 
  • Train your staff on using and monitoring the Marketing Automation platform

What's Next?

Wellspring Digital will grow this campaign, as your message changes. The focus can shift from crisis management to business development and even to product launch. The 3-month Campaign with 10 Deliverables is your marketing department. It is a cost-management solution tied to marketing professionals and proven technology.

Ready to Kickoff?

Wellspring has the the tools and the know-how to turn over every rock to find new business while your competition scrambles. 

Now is the time to engage with your audience, jump-start your marketing efforts, and take the lead for good from your competition.

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Local, regional, national, international, multilingual, and eCommerce optimization.


Generate ROI from these powerful platforms: HubSpot, SharpSpring, Dynamics365, Pardot, and more.


Blogging, social media, press releases, messaging strategy, podcasts, and more.


Leverage ad platforms such as Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.


World-class business website hosting that's fast and secure. Fully-managed, 24/7x365 server management.


Press releases, online reviews, surveys, directory management, sentiment analysis, but most of all - brand protection.

You Won't Find a Team like This Anywhere Else

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